David R Ewens

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Shadows lengthen over Black Lion country

23rd June 2018Amazon →

The new case was probably just a matrimonial. Sad, because of the girl involved, but inevitable, given the background. When private detective Frank Sterling returns to Belgium, however, things take a darker turn. Before long, he and his ragtag team are involved in a desperate adventure. With characteristic persistence, and his usual haphazard combination of…
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The mission: dangerous, unwanted, unlooked-for.

6th September 2016Amazon →Waterstones →

Under extreme duress, publican and ex-spy Mike Strange hands over vital coded information about an impending terrorist incident to Frank Sterling. Straight away, the private investigator is impelled into a fast-moving, unorthodox race against time. With diverse, eccentric and often unexpected support, can Sterling stay ahead of his relentless, violent pursuers and complete his latest…
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College was never meant to be like this.

21st November 2014Amazon →Waterstones →

When Frank Sterling is summoned to a behind-the-times college of further education in sleepy Southwood, he has no idea what to expect. The newly appointed college principal asks him to investigate irregularities and ‘stir things up’. As he gets more embroiled in shady seaside goings-on he discovers an intricate web of criminality. Amidst danger and…
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Old secrets don't stay buried.

24th July 2013Amazon →Waterstones →

An old woman is beaten to death. A young girl disappears. Taken on to investigate, private detective Frank Sterling is plunged into a desperate and unconventional flight across eastern England and a race against time. Who are his pursuers, and what secret from the distant past are they trying to suppress? From the gentle landscape…
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Murder and double-cross in Black Lion country.

5th February 2013Amazon →Waterstones →

When Frank Sterling sets up on his own account as a private detective, his first client, the enigmatic Gloria Etchingham, asks him to investigate a curious line of text and numbers among her disappeared husband’s papers. The mystery takes him on a journey to Ypres and the Flanders battlefields of the Great War. A series…
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