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Loyalty – (a digression from Frank Sterling and novel themes)

6th August 2019

Recently, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s former consigliere, declared that he was leaving the Labour Party as it had departed from his values. I’m not sure of the ins and outs, but he had already been expelled or suspended for voting Liberal Democrat in the EU elections, in clear and direct contravention of LP rules. I…
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Take the plunge!

22nd October 2018

The Golden Spurs is a good read! Don’t take my word for it. Have a look at these reviews: – Book Review: The Golden Spurs by David R. Ewens Book Review: The Golden Spurs by David R. Ewens There’s a Q and A section in the second one, and a little news article here says…
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Articles on David R Ewens

22nd September 2018

Following the release of The Golden Spurs, these two articles about me and my writing might pique some interest: – https://www.femalefirst.co.uk/books/david-r-ewens-exclusive-life-of-crime-1162816.html David R Ewens: ‘Deafness doesn’t confine or define me’

Plotting and characters

23rd August 2018

Nobody really remembers plots. It’s characters that stick with people. But a good plot is essential for bringing the characters out. With this in mind, it was interesting to have a close look at the TV series Unforgotten, which recently finished. The idea and shape of the programme wasn’t particularly original. There’s a cold case…
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The Frank Sterling quartet – the inside story…

15th February 2017

I’ve sometimes been asked about various aspects of the Frank Sterling quartet, how the books came about, what they involve, the characters and the challenges. Here’s the low-down. I’ve always liked detective thrillers and the opportunity came up to have a go at writing them myself. I like pace and quirkiness, so I am keen…
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Lifts and Trains

15th December 2016

I’ve lately been taking an interest in lifts, and specifically how to get out of them if they break down – or even if they don’t break down. Three lifts recently travelled in spring to mind – one in an apartment block in Birchington on Sea, the ‘skywalk’ lift leaving the ferry at Calais in…
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Fifth Column book launch

29th November 2016

To celebrate the publication of Fifth Column, author David R Ewens hosted a book launch at the Cathedral Lodge Hotel, Canterbury, on Saturday 26 November. Guests from all over the country, from Stroud in the South West to Stafford in the North and Solihull in the West Midlands, heard the author read an extract from the…
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Fifth Column is now available

26th November 2016

Book 4 of the Frank Sterling cases – Under extreme duress, publican and ex-spy Mike Strange hands over vital coded information about an impending terrorist incident to Frank Sterling. Straight away, the private investigator is impelled into a fast-moving, unorthodox race against time. With diverse, eccentric and often unexpected support, can Sterling stay ahead of…
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Rotten is now out

17th November 2014

Book 3 of the Frank Sterling Cases is now available from Amazon, Waterstones and independent booksellers.

Frank Sterling emerges from the shadows

12th February 2009

It was an adventure, down at Drangeness, but, you’ll be pleased to know, I emerged safely